Crochet Half Moon Mandala Handbag 🌚

Version 1 Crochet Half Moon Mandala Handbag

Welcome Back, followers and crocheters and makers, oh my! I have a lovely summer ready handbag ready to present to you via video snippets and the pattern. I’m so excited to share it here first because y’all are “my fam” so to speak and I feel like things should come to the blog first. That’s the perk of coming back weekly (thank you!).

This sweet, grab-and-go crochet half moon mandala handbag (technically, it’s a little over ‘half‘ moon) is made out of inexpensive JoAnn Fabrics’ “Big Twist” yarn. It’s soft, durable and chunky. It’s a bulky 6, and consists of mostly cotton and some polyamide. I had to use a skein and a half to create and 2 floral rings.

Version 2: Roomier

The bag should take you 2-3 hours total to make if you are an intermediate crocheter. It is worked in a round and then in a half round kinda. So, with no further ado, please check out the pattern below and the video snippets (if you need to see how some of it is done).



◦ Crochet Hook size K/6.5mm

◦ Big Twist Textile Skeins (2)

◦ 2 Floral Rings (10 inch)

◦ Scissors

◦ Fabric glue (optional)

◦ Scrap liner fabric (optional)


◦ Single Crochet (SC)

◦ Double Crochet (DC)

◦ Half Double Crochet (HDC)

◦ Bobble Stitch (Bobble)

◦ Slip Stitch (Sl St)

◦ Chain (Ch)

◦ Stitch (St)

◦ Next (nxt)


•10 rows and 60 sc’s per 4 inch swatch

•Turn at the end of rounds after bobble stitch round

Bobble stitch is with one loop on hook, yarn over, insert into stitch, pull up a loop (3 loops on your hook), yarn over, insert into stitch, pull up a loop (5 loops on the hook), yarn over, insert into stitch, pull up a loop (7 loops), then yarn over and pull thru all 7 stitches

The Pattern

Ch 5, Sl St to join

Round 1: Ch 2, SC in center circle all the way around (10)

Round 2: Ch 3, Bobble stitch in same space as ch3, and all of the way around (12)

Round 3: (this will be only 3/4 around ((half moon)) Ch 3, 2DC in nxt Ch, then 3DC’s in each CH space around (30), *Turn*

Row 4: Ch 3, HDC in each St til end (30) then Turn.

Row 5: Ch 4, Triple Crochet in every st til end (32), then Turn.

Row 6: Ch 3, DC in same st and then 2DC in every stitch til end (62), Turn.

Row 7: Ch 3, DC in every st all the way around (62), leave small tail and cut.

Yay! You are done with one half moon, now make a second one.

Next, you can either slip stitch in every stitch (62) around to connect both halves for version 1 OR continue on for more space. Obviously, you will have to cut and tie in the loose end. I just used my same hook to do this.

Version 2:

Now, you will work the middle connecting base section, which is worked in rows.

Ch 8, then HDC in 2nd st from hook, (6), turn

Rows 1-42, ch 2 and HDC in each stitch across (6), then turn

Leave 6 inch tail and use to connect to back or front at top of half moon. See photos.

To connect all together, you will Single Crochet connect the middle piece to front and back half moon mandalas all the way around the ring. There is a snippet in the video on how to do this.

*For the liner, I simply traced the half moon shape of the bag and cut out a template from old fabric I had laying around. I used fabric glue to attach it. Make sure to move in 1 inch from your tracing or the fabric will show to much on the outside.

Roomy, isn’t it?

The bag is so tote-like, yet handbag at the same time. The yarn or tarn is durable, yet soft. It also provides a lot of structure so that the mandala moon stays design-sound.

I hope you make one! And share your photos with me here or on Instagram (or via email I’ll have some available for purchase soon if you’re all “I dont feel like making!”

Remember, comment or email any questions and feel free to reproduce for sell, just be sure to credit eitm.

Happy Making,


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