Technique Tuesday 🌚

Keeping my promises here on another Technique Tuesday! Huzzah! I’m typing this up just under the buzzer. Video has been done, so certainly ahead of the game there. What’s with me and the sports analogies?! Guess you can injure the athlete, but not the sport out of ‘em? Damned roller derby ankle!

Anyhooter, for Today’s Technique Tuesday (or is today Monday? 🤔), I am sharing a video clip of an upcoming macrame festival skirt tutorial. It’s how to make V shapes in your macrame work.

V shapes for Festival Skirt using Diagonal Half Hitch or Double Half Hitch

I use Bernat Dec Maker Yarn in the tutorial because I am making a skirt, but you can use the same exact skill to make your macrame creation(s) with rope or cotton cord or whatever ya wanna call it. With rope, things are more rigid, so great for home decor. The yarn is good for festival and summer wear. It has a lot of movement and it dries quickly and can be washed unlike rope.

I do make items with cotton rope (see my Etsy), but I make sure to let customers know the one-of-a-kind item can only be dry cleaned. That’s the drawback. They can also be heavier than the yarn.

This technique, which we have kinda covered before is great for outlining shapes or making a line of demarcation so to speak. It’s good foe splitting things up or creating texture.

See the V’s that shape the ‘faux pockets’? This one is done with cotton rope.

So, enough ‘shop talk’ and enjoy the Technique Tuesday video. I’m batching posts latelt, well the videos, so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and check the blog every couple of days. A fire has been lit under me by the Universe, and that fire says “Be Consistent”. So be the change ya wanna see in yer Universe, nay, blog!

Happy Learning,


Psssst…tomorrow the crochet mandala half moon handbag pattern and video drops! Dont forget to check back

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