Macrame Air Plant Hanger ๐ŸŒš

Macrame Air ๐ŸŒฑ Hanginโ€™ off the wall

YouTube tutorial is LIVE! Here! I updated it in the nick of time before I had to rush my child to the ER (Uggghhh!). It’s 15 minutes long, and shows the whole process. You probably don’t even need to watch the whole vid as you will get the general gist, but perhaps, you will have to skip ahead for the different techniques. You can fit two cute little air plants in the holster-hanger, or even flowers.

I like options when I create things, and one’s imagination is the only limit! Make it in whatever color you would like. Want it bigger? Get a bigger Floral Ring and cut the rope longer. I used a 6 inch ring, but you could make a GINORMOUS one. Hey, maybe I should do that! Maybe not, it does need to affix to the wall. Hmmm…

On the wall.

So, the YouTube for the Macrame Air Plant Hanger being finished (or is it Holster instead of Hanger, idk?!) and uploaded on my channel (please subscribe or like), what else do I have in store? I have almost completed the written instructions and video snippets for my Crochet Mandala Handbag! Woo hoo! A photo is up on my IG (do you follow me!….yet, I know, not quite sure about me huh?). I just need to write the last row out, which I am going to do within the next 3 hours whilst my son is at day therapy. It looks pretty fantastic! And it’s so quick to grab for a date night (oh, I kinda remember those, maybe not), or a brunch with your best pals. It’s made of soft, easy to work up “Big Twist” yarn from Jo Ann’s (not a sponsor…yet). I am carrying it today actually.

Oh and wait wait! There’s more! I also have a Macrame Scrap Boho Bag almost finished! I just need to go and find some leather straps at our local Peddler’s Mall (my favorite place in Georgetown, KY) or should I just use tri-braided rope instead? I go back and forth over being vegan-friendly, and/or trendy. I guess, I’ll just use rope to make it easier as not everyone has access to the various colors of leather straps that I can get here in cow-nation.

One last thing, errrr, two last things though! I am determined to finish the rest of the video tutorial for the Macrame Festival Skirt (I finished most of it over a month ago, what is up with me!), and I have the “Technique Tuesday” ready for your approval for tomorrow. And remember, all of the how-tos and items I share with you here, you can make them and sell them if you’d like at your lcoal craft fair or on your Etsy. Just be sure to credit ella in the moon because as you can see, it’s like pulling teeth to get these creations outta me lately. But, I ain’t going anywhere. I am already 20-somethings posts in! Woo hoo! Sorry this was a little loopy, but thanks if you made it this far. I need more coffee.

Hope Springs Eternal,

ella in the moon ๐ŸŒš

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