Macrame Festival Top

Macrame Beach Cover Up (T shirt 🧶 version)

It’s a holiday weekend here in US and I’ve been plugging away on finishing projects, aka “wips” in the fiber arts community. I finished one halter top, a crop top (size inclusive patterns coming soon), a new crochet summer bag and am in the middle of designing a macrame bag. So, I feel so relieved to finally finish items that are far overdue.

Yet today, I am excited to share this Macrame top tutorial. It has been in the works for a while, and lately, the Moon is giving me all of the enegies. This top tutorial skipped ahead of my macrame festival skirt tutorial which is almost done. I had to skip this one ahead as an order came in, so it had to be completed quickly. Paying customers first ya know.

Macrame Beach Cover Up of Cotton Rope

This Macrame Beach Cover Up was the first top I designed at least 4 years ago (I believe, memory is hazy). I had gotten bored with making macrame wall hangings or maybe it was just my ADD cropping up as usual. Whatever the reason, I started making festival or summer macrame wear. Not many were doing it then either. The first couple of years of doing festival wear was busy, yet it has certainly leveled off in the past two years. So, I truly just want to concentrate on tutorials and pattern writing.

About this top: It can be thrown on over a swimsuit or a halter top and allow you to run around the beach or a backyard barbecue and be a little festive.

It can be made of T shirt yarn or Cotton Rope (5mm). I have made them out of both. The benefit of making it of t shirt yarn is that you can machine wash and hang dry. The rope version has to be dry cleaned or it may disintegrate. I like them both and both have their benefits. For example, the cotton rooe version has more movement and looks better structurally to me.

Sold item, ready to ship 🚢

The tutorial so far is only of the front. I will present the back (which only takes 15 minutes) next week.

Oh, and if you make one, please share it with me on pinterest or IG. Ella in the Moon on both. And as always, just shoot a comment here if you have questions.

Happy Making

~eitm 🌚

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