Hi followers, readers and craft-aficionados alike. Hope your May has been fantastic and everyone is able to ‘move about the cabin’ more. It has been some gorgeous weather here in Kentucky (and ColoRADo).

Mom and Me for Mother’s Day (also the Raffia Summer Tote Bag in the wild! I carry it all of the time!)

I havent posted in a couple of weeks despite my best intentions. My birthday 🥳 and advancing another year has brought me into early menopause. Did not see this coming! And oh boy, it’s worse than I could have EVER imagined! It has almost stopped my ability to create in its tracks. Hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, irritability and just general, can I go on with life under these conditions?! For real, I have spent an inordinate amount of my day just trying not to be hot and near the coldest air possible.

With my current and on going health challenges, I have had slow, be kind to myself and not as driven, just outta sheer necessity. Like beyond all of the aforementioned symptoms of menopause, I also have been experiencing fatigue. Like there are over 30 symptoms of this change of life, and of course, I have half of them 😩.

On another note, I did have a chance to take a rejuvenating mini 2 day trip via plane to Denver and hike (and slide down) the Rockies to Alberta Falls and Emerald Lake. The air up there! Just wow! And the red rocks. My heart fluttered. Also, I visited the Botanic Gardens, which happened to have a couple of wonderful art exhibits (Kevin Sloan and The Salvador Dali). Like plants and art in one place? Be still my heart!

So, my motto being ‘whatever fits my whimsy’ please take this brief pause from my regularly scheduled programs (errr tutorials) and enjoy some photos from my trip, our local sculpture park, and come by tomorrow for my video tutorial (👍🏾👍🏾) of one of the first macrame tops I ever made and sold.

The Majestic Rocky Mountains
Yep, I’m wearing my granny square crochet mask (tutorial in the archives). Hey Salvador!
Alberta Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park
The view from “The Shining” Hotel. Unbelievably Breathtaking!
The snowy hill I slid down
I love Spanish Architecture. Some important historical public house in Denver
If that’s not whimsical, then I dont know what is. Salvador Dali photo at Denver Botanic Gardens.


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