DIY Flower Power Crochet Trivet 🌸🌺

Hooray, Hooray! It’s the first of May! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful “International Worker’s Holiday” yesterday. I certainly did. I spent most of the day outside, as I spend most non-rainy days. It was such a weather lovely day. My son loves being outdside as do I. I feel like he’d live out there if he could. Can’t say I blame him, especially in this most awesome month of May!

May is my favorite month aside from October. It’s so beautiful, picturesque and the bugs aren’t yet out in full force! It has my Birthday(!) which often falls on Mother’s Day. Nothing like a full day dedicated to us Mum’s (I love the Brit way of saying Mom).

I love the flowers and how green the grass is. Plus, it doesn’t yet get scorching hot and uncomfortably humid here in Kentucky. And truly, honestly, I am a flower connoisseur. I know folks rag on them sometimes because they die, but we die too, so let’s enjoy their beauty as we enjoy our own beauty. Not to mention, dried flowers give me life. I love em almost as much as live flowers. How about a flower collage?!

Flowers around my place

I could post more and more flowers photos but I’ll spare you that for the time being as this is a craft blog not an ‘amatuer photographer’ blog. Plus, I have a super quick tutorial for ya. You can even make them for your mom before Mother’s Day if you order the yarn tomorrow. Or Tuesday.

Terra Cotta Flower Powera Crochet Trivet
Sand Flower Power Crochet Trivet

Both of the above pot holders work up really quickly. I’d say under 15 minutes. You will be working in a round and the yarn is able to handle heat. The etsy shop I go the yarn from is called All Yarn Drive. They ship quickly and the amount you need runs $10 and you will have leftover yarn.

Crochet Needle Size P (I used the large boye plastic blue one


Large Scissors

I use regular crochet terminology and abbreviations as from previous posts.

Pattern for Terra Cotta Crochet Trivet

Working in a round

Ch8 sl st to join

Ch2 SC around 10 times. Sl st to join to beginning.

Ch 3, sk 1, sl st in nxt chain, ch3, sk1, sl st in next, repeat all way around, sl to to join to first ch3

Ch 3 and sc 2 more times in same st, then 3 SC’s per CH3 from prev row all the way around, then sl st to join at bottom of first ch3. Sl st to join to beg CH3 and pull up a loop to hang and cut. Cut long tail and wrap it around one time and pull through the back of wrap to secure loose tail.

Up close.

Next one is more floral imo. It is only like another round though. Be sure not to pull to tight whilst crocheting or it will curl up. I recommend blocking both for a night or just rest a heavy skillet or pot on them.

Pattern for Sand Flower Power Pot Holder

Working in a round.

Ch5, sl st to join,you have made a circle

R1: ch 2, sc 8x’s around, sl st to join to beg.

R3: ch3, sk ch, sl st in next ch, repeat all around. Sl st to join to beg ch3.

R4: ch3, SC x’s 2 on each CH3 from prev row, BLO (back loop only) into sl st in between ‘petals’ (meaning chain 3’s). Sl st to join beg ch3

R5: ch3, sk ch, sl st to 3rd stitch, all the way around. Then sl st to beg CH3 and pull up loop for hanging. Cut long tail and wrap it around one time and pull through the back of wrap to secure. Tie in loose end.

In the kitchen.
The one on the right is leftover yarn.

I hope you find this useful. Heck, these can be made anytime of course, not just for Mother’s Day. *Do not use these to pull anything out of an oven, you may burn yourself badly. *

Stay tuned for the basket I made with the same yarn.

Remember to give me a follow on Pinterest or IG, or better yet, share your makes. And as always, you are welcome to sell anything you learn here. Just be sure to credit eitm.

Happy Making


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