Macrame, Oh My!

It’s April and things are in bloom! It makes me sooo happy. It’s time for planting and repotting, which got me to thinking about the many and varied plant hangers I’ve made over the past 6 years. A retrospective of sorts. I figured, hey, my readers may want to see some of ‘em. I mean this is a macrame (and crochet and whatever fits my whimsy) blog. Macrame posts are my most popular ones. Plus, I’m gonna do a written and video tutorial pattern of three of the more unique hangers starting this upcoming week. The other ones are patterns you’ve seen elsewhere most likely.

Have a favorite? Let me know in the comments and maybe I’ll feature the pattern.

Customer photo. So majestic! One of my favorites made to date.
These are drying post turmeric dyeing.
I love mini pumpkins
Outdoor hanger. Synthetic rope.
The plant is fake. My plants dont like to be in staged photos.
Customer photo from a sweet review on my Etsy. Custom dyed, too.
My former porch with some sold and kept pieces. (PS I made two of the pillows in the background. One is latch hooked and one is knit with fringe added via crochet hook).
Customer photo.
I miss these hangers and these vintage pots.
Super Boho! Sold 2 of these a couple years ago.
Love this outdoor plant hanger. Don’t remember how I made it.
Dreamy customer photo. How cute is this plant space.
My Dad wanted one. He kills houseplants tho.
Made with t shirt yarn
Outdoor Jute Hanger. One of my first
Small plant hanger with pom poms

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