Boho Crochet Scrap Rug (P1)

Boho Scrap Rug from Macrame Cut Offs

Finally, it is here! Yes, I know a couple of you are quite excited as you were patiently awaiting this pattern. If I had written the pattern down when I created the original, then I could’ve posted it immediately, but no, always working backwards here <face palm>. Gotta definitely get my act together and write these patterns down as they come out. And, I am always creating so there’s a flood of them in the recesses of my mind.

I wanted to have the pattern to you two weeks ago, but of course, this year has already thrown me a curve ball with my tiny human getting COVID from therapy (I tested negative despite being in his face ALLOFTHETIME, thank you Dolly Parton Vaccine!). My best laid plans always go awry and I’m starting to think maybe I need to work on being more prepared! Gotta start batching posts. Goals! 🙌🏾

Added a lil grey scrap 😉

So, for this boho macrame cut offs rug/scrap rug/macrame scrap rug, here is the materials list:

Crochet Hook H/15 or 10mm (for those in the metrics lands)

1/4 inch cotton rope cut offs (from your previous works)

Scissors (not pictured below, ya know what they are)

Round Markers (optional)

Now, please read the following very carefully (as opposed to risky :0) This project is easy, however, the actual crocheting part is more arduous than one normally would have when using yarn (particularly wool or any fiber with stretch). The cotton rope has zero give, it is just very inflexible, which makes the crochet pull through harder than usual. However, “you can do hard things” so it just takes more patience and dexterous fortitude than you would use with plain ‘ol yarn. Also, the actual crocheting takes about 2-3 hours, it’s the knotting together of the ends so that they make a continuous length that adds more time at the front end. I find it somewhat soothing, yet maybe you will not find it so. Don’t let any of the above discourage you though!

Overhand knotting scraps together

This project uses some basic crochet stitches and terminology:

R = Round CH = Chain St = Stitch Sl St = Slip Stitch DC = Double Crochet SC = Single Crochet

Step 1: Take all of your scraps and link them together with an overhand knot. Just the basic tying knot. See pictorial below. You have to leave a little bit of a tail on each to give the fringe vibe of the rug.

Step 2: Gather your materials

Step 3: Begin the Pattern. It is worked in a round

The Pattern

***One thing that you will have to work around is the knots in the links. It can make crocheting a little challenging if the knot is in the pull thru. Sometimes, you have to use your index finger to push the knot thru the stitch. See the next post for video clip how to on pushing through.

Also, repeat after me “I will crochet loosely, I will crochet loosely!” This isn’t a sock pattern and crocheting tightly will only make your life and this rug very hard to create.

R1: Ch 6 and then join with sl st to make a ring.

R2: Ch3, 8 SC’s in middle of ring, sl st to join.

R3: Ch4, DC in same stitch as CH4, and 2 DC’s in each St to ch3 space, sl st to join. (18)

R5: Ch2, SC all the way around, sl st to join. (36)

Get started, and please come back tomorrow for part 2, parenting is hard….

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  1. Thankyou!.. so to be clear the scraps are only a quarter of an inch? Thats so tiny.. my chubby sausage fingers may struggle 😁. If you would could you please post a photo of how a length of your tied together rope looks? Thankyou!
    Hope little legs is better.

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