Whatever fits my Whimsy

The New Year is quickly approaching, and with the new moon and with the emerging of 2021, my energies are focusing more on this blog. Yes, I have had a truly traumatic year, much like everyone out there. The Pandemic, and a monumental, earth-shattering break up that I didn’t see coming under the pandemic, seeing black lives murdered in plain sight, and the election.

Yet 2021 gives me hope. And in the vein of putting my intentions out there to the Universe, and for all to see, I know better things are to come. Hope Springs Eternal!

In 2021, I will be continuing to grow this blog, and will be blogging bi-weekly moving forward. I have so many ideas to share, that are just sitting in my head, languishing. So.many.patterns. I just have to start eating the frog (my 2021 Mantra!).

I am so pleased that this blog has been gaining momentum, Thank you!, and honestly, I want to do more of it. More creating, more sharing, and more just thinking outside of the box in design. And with that being said (one of my favorite expressions), this blog won’t be remaining in a box. Being multi-fiber fanatical, I will live up to my mantra “whatever fits my whimsy” more in this new year. I will bring you patterns and ideas from knitting, embroidery, punch needle (goal!), and polymer clay, yet the focus will stay on crochet and macrame.

Macrame is truly my first true fiber art love. I have 3 patterns already batch written for you. Boho Macrame Plant Hanger, Boho Chevron Earrings and Heart Bunting. And wait, there’s more…you are welcome to use these patterns to sell your own wares! Just be sure to credit me as the pattern creator.

I look forward to seeing your makes in 2021 on my Instagram. Stay tuned for my top posts from IG, and my best performing posts here in the next day or so.

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