Latch Hook Tote Bag

Latch Hook Tote Bag

Here at EITM, fiber arts reign supreme! Not just macrame or crochet, but truly all of the fiber…arts. Embroidery, punch needle, knitting and today, latch hook.

The “whatever fits my whimsy” motto of my brand means who knows what medium is next. And today, it’s latch hook (probably tomorrow, too 😉).

Today’s how-to is simple, but time-intensive. For your project, you need the following:

  • Scissors
  • Yarn of all colors or just a couple
  • A latch hook or H or G Crochet Hook
  • Latch Hook Fabric
  • Plain Tote
  • Sewing 🪡 needle & thread or fabric glue

Pick out your rug canvas material and draw your shape onto it with a sharpie or freehand it. Then, pick out your yarn colors and cut down to piles of 6 inch strands.

Rug Canvas

Insert your chosen hook into the material and attach 3-4 strands, and pull through. You will do this over and over again. Sometimes, for a quicker hack and bulkier area, you will bundle 10-12 yarns and tie a single piece around the middle, knot it and then insert each side of the single piece into the rug making material and tie a knot in the back to hold. Little bundles throughout. I like an abstract vibe so mine is kinda random.

The Back of the Work. Messy piles and neat latch hooked pieces

So, once you are done making your latch hook pocket (mine took like 2-3 hours), cut it into a rectangular shape. Get out your tote bag. Get out your sewing supplies or fabric glue and attach the square (sewing is more durable). If you are sewing, you have to do an overhand stitch. You have to make sure to feed the needle into the square grid of the rug canvas and then outside of it.

$2 Tote Bag from Dollar Store
Sew attach right, left and bottom.

Before attaching or after attaching you can trim your piece to different lengths. Some closer to the grid material and some pieces longer. Below is an example of various pile lengths and some bundled yarn and some latch hooked.

Various lengths of ‘pile’ in this bunting

This tote makes a fun handmade gift. Want a bag not so brazen? Mute your color. Or want to show off your skill, create a picture. Recently, I sold a cute latch hook cat rug. See below.

Fab huh? The possibilities are endless! And I love to think about various ways to re-envision fiber craft. I am compiling a “5 Fantastic Uses for Latch Hook” just like my popular macrame post, so stay tuned. 📺

I’d love to see what you make. Share on IG and I’ll repost.

Happy Making 🌚


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