5 More Fantastic Uses For Macrame Scraps

👋🏾Hi makers! Boy, I’ve been MIA for a couple months now and for that I am sorry. Life has just been sooo busy. And I just needed to recharge my Maker’s brain. Surely you can relate. It’s back in full force!

My post “5 Fantastic Uses for Macrame Scraps” is my most popular post and so why not give readers more of what they want? So, I deep dove into my creations from IG and from my archives to bring you 5 more uses for scraps. Sustainable and useful, I hope one or more ideas below ignite your creative fire 🔥 as we will be at home in the US a lot for the next month or so.

Macrame Lighting from repurposed jars

Lighting is everything in the winter, imo. It can set a nice cozy mood or bring us out of the doldrums of impenetrable winter. So…Macrame Candle Jars.

Mini Macrame Scrap Jar of reused baby food jar

Just add mini tea light candles or for more safety, use the led ones.

Next up, ‘tis the season for Macrame Ornaments.

Macrame Ornaments
This one is fillable, I added a little acorn
New design, Flat Boho Ornament

How about those ornaments? Such a quick project with lovely results. You can even make mini tassels or a macrame garland for a boho tree. I’m working on my tree now so I’ll show ya the vibe. 👍🏾

Next up, how about some Macrame Wall Baskets of macrame scraps or just non scraps. Depends on how long you want the decor to be. Here are a couple that I have fashioned out of thrifted wicker baskets.

🌸Just add flowers 🌸

How about an accessory for the Holiday Season?! A Tassel Choker. This tassel takes like 10 minutes to make. You have to add the silver findings. Or it can be a keychain.

Tassel Choker for the Holidaze

And last, but not least, Boho Macrame Plant Pot. This is basically half hitch knotted over and over again in a spiral form. This took me like an hour. There is a wooden ring at the base on which I mounted the scraps of rope.

The scraps have to be on the longer side. You do need one long piece of rope to add the individual scraps on in order to have it keep it’s round form. I am working on writing up the pattern and how to video to show you soon so stay tuned.

Half Hitch Macrame Plant Pot 🪴

So, there ya have it. 5 more uses for macrame scraps. What will you make?

Happy Making 🌚🌙

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