Half Moon Centerpiece

With the change in weather, and the whisper of fall, a change is coming! Change in the leaves, change in the sunlight and a change in my vibe. I love this time of year. I feel so alive and creative. I feel so Zen in my crafting during October and November.

Along with the change of the season, the holidays are upon us. I am not big on holidays and don’t really ascribe to a religion per se, however, I do like to decorate and spend time with the family. And family, there is food. But I am not a fan of cooking, but maybe you do?! For you, I bring a simple DIY Centerpiece.

Half Moon Centerpiece

Giving credit where credit us due, I found this photo on Pinterest by fianceebodas (on Twitter) and it captivated my mind.

The Inspiration for my DIY from @fianceebodas on Twitter. Their photo credit

It has gotten soooo many repins! I decided I wanted to make something similar for my table or wall or mantle. So I did, and now you can, too.

Shouldnt cost very much. Around $20. You will need a drill for sure. Or ask to borrow one.


Table top circular disc (got mine at Lowe’s for like $8), drill, table saw (optional) dried wheat stalks ($4.99 at Kroger grocery store right now), sandpaper (optional)

I cut the half moon disk myself but you can get your local hardware store to do it for you. It’s really just a few steps.

How to in Pictures

1. Take your full moon table top board and cut it in half

2. Next, sand the rough edges a little bit if they are ragged. Use a softer piece of sandpaper. Not the grittier kind. You can also skip this step if you want.

3. Mark off 1 inch tics along the top rounded smooth part of the half moon. From left to right.

4. Get a drill and drill into your tic marks a 1/4 of an inch down. You will want to match you drill bit to the size of your dried wheat grass like the photo shows.

5. Dust off the saw dust and then insert your dried stalks making sure they set and balance. You may need to add more than one per hole. Also, I had to cut some stalks down for balancing purposes.

6. Lastly, if you want, put glue into the holes. Or, you can stuff the holes with a couple of hidden cotton balls.

Place it on your holiday table or 3M hang it to your wall. Watch as it becomes the conversation centerpiece! 😉

This creation is so versatile. You can even macrame it up with macrame feather plumes on sticks. My next creation! Maybe. Or, if you want your Centerpiece to look more like the one I hacked by FianceeBodas, drill smaller holes and make the spacing holes 1/4 of an inch. Add more wheat stalks or fuzzy stalks.

Please share with me on IG. I’m waiting….

Happy Making 🌚🌙


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