Pumpkin Spice Placemats

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to me! September, October and Novembee give me life! I love all the fall brings. 🍁🍂 The reprieve from the heat, mosquitoes and humidity. The leaves turning. The light changing. And PUMPKINS!

Evans Orchard, Georgetown, KY

Something about how round and plump they are. They just seem so fun and poetic. Or maybe I’m reading too much into them. 🤷🏾‍♀️ The warm orange hues, the foliage, fall is everything!

And there’s more, pumpkin spice lattes and placemats!

So, I needed something for our new glass dining table (which I’m not big on, not my decision) because the kiddos get their fingers all over it and my partner had said we need some kind of placemats. And Etsy shop All Yarn Drive having this wonderful super chunky yarn, welp, inspired!

You have to start out by chaining 12. It’s best to do this on a table or while in bed like me. Haha. See below.

Ch 12, then work left to right for 1 row, then right to left next row. Continue to alternate.

This project takes about 1 hour. It’s all finger knitting. Make ‘em in any color you’d like. I have the video tutorial posted on my EITM Youtube so just head on over and subscribe while you’re at it. Or don’t, but I have a ton of projects coming soon. Anyhow, the actual written pattern is in the notes of the YouTube tutorial.

Pumpkin Spice Placemat

Message me via IG or ellainthemoon@icloud if you have questions. 🌚 🌙

Happy Making! 🎃

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