Simple Crochet Festival Skirt

Teal Simple Crochet Festival Skirt

What you will need:

Summer is around the corner and maybe, just maybe, we can get out of our homes! So, before you head out pool side or beach side, make yourself this fancy-free crochet cover up skirt. It takes very little time. Less than 2 hours! 👌🏾


Bernat Dec Home Maker Yarn  (5  bulky chunky weight)


Stitch Markers (Optional)

Smaller Crochet Hook (Optional)

Terms and Abbreviations:

DC: Double Crochet

SS:  Slip Stitch

R:  Row

Ch: Chain

*Also, I like to use this particular brand of yarn by Bernat because it dries quickly and has some stretch to it.  It is also soft, and isn’t “woolly”.  It won’t itch and has cotton in it!  Perfect for summer and over a swim suit.

The Pattern

Ch in increments of 2.

Make a Slip Knot

Ch 80, you will be working in a round(S/M, CH 86 for Large, 90 for XL)

Slip Stitch both ends to join, making sure it is not twisted

R1. DC in next chain and Each Across, all the way across (80), SS to join, Ch 2

R2. DC in 2nd chain from the hook all the way across again, SS to join Ch2

Repeat 2 more times. Total of 4 Rows.

pull final chain all the way thru and cut.

Use a smaller crochet hook or embroidery needle to weave in loose end.

Next, Cut 80 strands from the skein to 32 inches each.

Now, fold them in half. You will be using your crochet hook to pull the yarn through the bottom stitch, and then, lark’s head knot mount onto your crocheted waist band. You will do this 80 times.

And yer done!

Happy Making! 


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