Mini Macrame Floral Display

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Spring! And all the blooms. Granted, we have had a very mild winter, but the dark, dark nights and the low light gets to me every year. And that’s with my embrace of Hygge and Vitamin D pills! πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

The great thing about this twilight of winter is that I have had a rush of creativity. I am not nearly as creative in the midst of summer, but winter’s slumber begets much making. And reinventing what is old into new.

I am ringing 2020 in with all the florals. I already remade my workspace wall with an assortment of floral pictures, paintings and prints (see 2nd photo below) so now, I bring you the macrame floral display! 🌺🌹🌸

Just add flowers. Dried or fresh. Throw out your vases (ok, not really) and embrace the knots.


I used 5mm three braided cord (chunky rope).

You will need a wooden dowel as well. Mine only measures 8 inches.

1. Take four cords and fold in half to make 8 total

2. Lark’s head mount the cords (measuring at least 12 inches) on dowel.

2. Tie 2 square knots from Left to Right

3. Marry the 4 innermost cords (3-6) from both knots and make a square knot in the middle

4. Now taking cords 1-4 and 5-8, make 2 more square knots (one on the left and one to the right)

5. Lastly we are gonna make a kinda pocket. Take the left most hanging cord and half hitch cords 2,3 and 4 onto it. Then, take the right most hanging cord (#8) and turn it to the middle and half hitch cords 7, 6, 5 in descending order on it. Make sure to pull tight and while doing so, making kinda pocket/pouch in the middle.

6. Finally. Take #1 and #8 that you mounted the cords onto and make a half hitch knot with #8 hitching over # 1 and secure with fabric glue or hot glue. Cut the ends to even it out and untwist for a softer vibe.

7. Arrange flowers in the pocket and flowers in the hole spots.

Or find another way for display like putting your flowers in a glass frame:

Or, getting creative with something you have around the house. I decided to take a Cedar disc that a neighbor had given me from his carpentry scraps and make a mini macrame pocket with it. I can change it out, add an airplant or dried flowers. 🌺🌸

Tag me on IG if you come up with a cool way of integrating dried flowers in your crafting this week! Just find me @ellainthemoon. Stay Healthy! πŸŒ™

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