Want it, Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again! And ohmygoodness, I couldn’t wait to post the latest “I want it now!”.

Truth be told, I usually “want” but my wallet says “nope”. Also, my craft addiction tells me to just make it myself. And usually, I do. Nothing more satisfying than seeing something online, and diy-ing it for yourself or a loved one.

I do have two diy’s I am releasing next week, one macrame, one crochet, but until then and since I’m all about the #sweatergame lately, today is all about the knitwear.

In no particular order…

1. Sofia Teh design, photo: Lucas Dawson Photography

2. Instagram @Ibizabohogirl

3. We Are Knitters Abruzzo Sweater

4. Fiveno.com

5. Free People

I am currently working on a long crochet sweater poncho pattern like the one in #2, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Making!



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