Simple Woven Macrame Bunting

Hai there and Happy New Year! πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ I cant believe it’s almost February and this is my first post of 2020! I had great intentions of getting a bunch of posts done on my vacation time two weeks ago, but then, my son got sick. 😫. When he gets sick, we have to stop everything. It is very dangerous given his health status. So, five grueling days of him having a fever that fluctuated from 101-103 was very nerve-racking and scary.

Anyhow, he has endured so much since he sprung out 3 years ago, and I’m always relieved when we are in the clear for a few weeks. Maybe you can relate? With all that being said, I have been creating.

Last time I posted, I mentioned two new patterns in the works. Well, I’m pleased to show ya a little spin on the most popular blog post here, “Simple Macrame Bunting” with this “Simple Woven Bunting”. Macrame + Weaving.

Pictured are five bunting flags. The first triange flag is woven over, under, over, under using the standard weaving motif. The 2nd and 3rd triangles of the bunting are rya knots, 4th is pom poms on square knots. Lastly, #5 is what I call “the wave” macrame knot technique, which I will cover in February.

The white and gray woven bunting above is a good example of how you can customize buntings. And people love ❀️ them!

To make the special weavable bunting flags above you have to mount your rope via lark’s head knot just like in the previous simple bunting post tutorial. Then, you change it up by doing diagonal double half hitches into a triangle. The photo tutorial, see below:

From having these weavable bunting flags, you can weave through them all in one color or various colors (over, under, over, under) like below:

Or add a reverse rya weaving knot like these shaggy bunting flags:

The gray yarn fiber and the off white cotton rope fibers are just rya knotted into the diagonal half hitch in clumps, then cut to a blunt texture.

In color, with chunky yarn, the rya knotting for the bunting looks like this:

Add some pom poms in a triangle to one flag and weave another. You could even add beads to the rope ryas! You are only limited by your imagination!

In the colorful woven bunting below, I was just messing around with colors and different yarn weights, added in a little bit of thick cream roving. The thing that takes the longest is cutting the yarn fibers into 5-7 inch pieces. Roving is quick to weave, just remember to never cut it. It has to be torn apart.

I’d love to see what YOU create! Just tag me on IG or Pinterest.

Happy Making!


PS. Be sure and check the blog on Wednesday for “#WIP it Wednesday” dedicated the the numerous “works in progress” I hope to finish! 🀞🏾