Want it Wednesdays

So, I am really trying to take the bull 🐮 by the horns, so to speak, and post regularly.  I have some ideas of things that I would like to highlight or feature.

I looked back through my brainstorm book, and realized I want to do a “Want it Wednesday” weekly post.  They say the more you post, the more you exercise that muscle, which begets more posts.

With that being said, let me share somethings that I am green with envy over. Although, I guess I don’t usually get envious, but every once in a while, if something is spectacular…Let’s take a look!

I came across this in my daily addiction of Pinterest scrolling.  The work of Ibukun Baldwin.  It is everything I love, imaginative, colorful, and fresh.  Something you don’t see everyday. 

A little bit about the artist. She is a multidisplinary artist and social practictioner, and her website is ibukundesign.com  Check out her other works there.

I’m also loving this from Pinterest:

 I couldnt find the source to credit it, so if you know, let me know so I can update. But anyhow, I love this and started making one! I only have the front panel of the dress done so far soooo it may not be ready til Spring 2020. No rush.

And since it’s almost Winter here in Kentucky, let me show ya the #sweatergame I’m all 😻 about:

My knitting skills aren’t up to this sweater by Anna and Heidi Pickles in Ravelry, but they will be someday!

I hope you got a glimpse into my personal vibe and enjoyed the artistry of some magical makers.


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