5 Fantastic Uses for Macrame Cut Offs

You’re creating ‘, you’re makin’ and if you are anything like me, you’re not mathin’ out those macrame rope ratios! Why? Because for some of us in the population, math makes our brains go all mushy. So, what’s a waste-conscious, cost-conscious maker to do? Reuse and recycle those pieces!


Above are cut off remnants of made pieces. Not so pretty in their little bundles, but they are glorious macrame creations with just a little creativity.

Anyhow, here are just a few ideas. I have more in another post here.

1. Macrame Plant Hanger Earrings

2. Chunky Boho Rug

3. Macrame Tassels

4. Wreath

5. Fuzzy Pom Wall Hanging

Cast offs can be used to add texture and dimension to your wall hangings, tapestries or plant hangers. So here go the top pieces that I have used cast offs for in a big way!

5. Fuzzy Pom Pom Macrame Wall Hanging

So, in order to make pom poms I just set aside all of the left over cut scraps of macrame hangings and plant hangers made for customers. After a while, there are quite a few of different thicknesses. I used the fork method in making the pom poms. I have never had much luck with the pom pom makers that you can buy. I find them to be cumbersome, but that’s just me. Plus, I have forks already so why not use what I have on hand. I basically made X amount of pom poms, which I’m not gonna lie, this took a considerable amount of time, like 2 hours. Then, I tied random pieces of long scraps together and created a middle macrame scrap design by tying leftover pieces end to end in a connector knot.

And voila, a lovely, textured hanging has come to life! Above 👆🏾 is a photo from my Etsy shop where I used to sell this item.

4. Wreath

So, every front door needs a wreath, right? And here is my take on a macrame wreath. Bought the ring on the cheap at Michael’s in the floral section, and just added leftover scraps. Basically, I just tied the rope piece around once and then tied an overhand knot. Then, pull the fringies to the front. Work all the way around making sure to crowd the spots so that it all looks filled in.

Lastly, I added some floral pieces for a spring flair.

This can also be a macrame mirror. Just pick up a mirror at your local craft store.

3. Macrame Tassels

Tassels are a lovely addition to a door knob, curtain, earring or wall hanging. Also made from cast offs. You can make some gorgeous accessories or add depth to your macrame with tassels without wasting precious rope. There are some great how tos on youtube for tassel making

2. Chunky Boho Rug

ed74daf1-a8aa-454b-9ded-7cf6db88e8bc-1So, this is my take on the “rag rug” which is popular in country chic and rustic decor. I’m more California Dreamin’ in my vibe though so all roads lead to boho style. This rug is made out of just tying together many, many, many leftover pieces to make basically leftover chunky rope yarn. Zero waste, zero extra dollars and extra fast to make. You will need to watch my boho scrap rug short video on YouTube or check the “boho scrap rug” post for how to make your #scrap yarn.

1. Macrame 🪴 Hanger Earrings

Just make a smaller version of a macrame plant hanger. Any pattern will do, and add tiny fairy pot. I found the fairy pots on Amazon (not my favorite place). Of course, you will need to mount on earring findings. A quick tutorial is on my pinterest.

Hope you all share your “cast off” makes with me over on IG: ellainthemoon

Happy Making 🌚🌙

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  1. Please Please Please share how to make the rug, its amazing and I have WAY too many scraps.
    Found your blog through searching macrame scraps.. thankyou in advance

      • Oh dear!!! I hope He/She is as well as can be and doesn’t get too sick.. its terrifying!
        Thankyou.. will keep checking back, stay safe!

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